Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rain Drain

As the weather begins to change do you get the feeling you are changing as well? Truth is you probably are. As a trainer I wish more people would remain as active in the fall and winter as they are during the spring and summer, but.....Oh Well!  I have decided this fall and winter, on days that it rains I am going to push more weight and do high intensity shorter duration cardio bouts on the tower or the spinning bike. When it's nice, short intense workouts, then outside to MOVE! Refuse to sit around!  

I ran into a person I have competed against for many years but never really chatted with or got a chance to know. We talked for about twenty minutes where he shared with me something that motivated me to restart this blog. He stayed we competed against one another for the last time because he was diagnosed with MS and it was too fatiguing to continue playing baseball. As I write this I think how talented he is, how strong he is to make a tough decision and give up something he loves so much. On the elevator up to my floor I decided I want to be as strong, physically be better, mentally be stronger and smarter and professionally be more resourceful and better for my clients. 

Here is what I want this blog to be a daily kick in the pants. A motivator to do something a bit different than your normal, and give you a taste of my world. 
Help me be better I will do the same for you. Let me know what you are thinking. lets MOVE!!!!

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